Occupational Testing

OHD quantifit device


Let 1st call manage your drug &  alcohol program, we have 2 certified urine collectors and breath alcohol  technicians trained to DOT standards and Canadian standards. We  understand the industries that surround Whitecourt and area and are  available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure our clients have  minimal downtime when it comes to having their employees tested. 

Having  a testing program in place mitigates the risk of injury, property  damage, theft, poor employee performance and helps  companies create a powerful safety culture and is also required on most  oil companies work sites. We help make sure your employees are alert  on-site with a broad range of drug testing technologies and drug and  alcohol testing services, including pre-employment(post offer) drug  testing, site-access testing, and random drug testing, return to work  and follow up testing.  Our drug and Alcohol testing services include:

  • Urine Drug Testing (5,8,12 panel test)
  • Breath Alcohol Testing ( EBT)
  • After Hours/Emergency
  • Post Accident Testing
  • Mobile Testing

Express Test, POCT - Non DOT - DOT Testing Available

Drug testing at our facility can be done 3  different ways, first by obtaining a urine sample from the donor in our  secure facility, second by way of oral fluid from the mouth and lastly  is obtaining a hair sample from the donor.  Our most sought after test,  the 8 panel urine POCT test which screens for opiates, marijuana, PCP,  cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy, oxycodone and methamphetamines and gives  the employer instant results.  We also offer 5 and 12 panel testing to  satisfy all our clients drug and alcohol program needs.

These  tests can be conducted via a secured urine drug test, or point  of collection testing kit.  A POCT drug test provides instant results,  but is not legally defensible in court. A secured urine drug screen is  legally defensible, and results are verified by a SAMSHA approved  laboratory. Positive urine drug samples are reviewed by our Medical  Review Officer.  A positive drug result will be discussed with your  employee and our MRO to determine an action plan.  The action plan can  then be aligned with your company’s drug and alcohol policy. 


Are your workers wearing SCBA/half/full  masks in the workplace, having a proper fit test will ensure the masks  they are wearing properly fit their face and provide a good seal. We use  quantitative fit test procedures with our OHD Quantifit which is a  controlled negative pressure device that can detect minor leaks when  fitting an worker to a mask. This procedure is quick and efficient  while providing the employer with documentation that the employee was  tested to the proper standards. We have the capability of testing all  full face/half masks, we can use client supplied masks or supply the  masks for you. We carry Scott and MSA masks in all sizes as well as  North 7700 series mask in all sizes and have access to other brands as  required. 



Our  occupational technicians can perform hearing tests in our office using  our certified sound booth and testing equipment. We can also help our  clients develop an effective noise management program for the workplace  using our sound level meter to measure noise readings and determine what  type of hearing protection might be required.  Having your workers  hearing tested on a regular basis can help determine whether or not your  noise management program is working efficiently or needs further  assessment.