Safety Compliance


Safety Manual Development & Updating
We  can assist you in creating & implementing a Health & Safety  Manual to meet the submission requirements for COR or SECOR. Health and  Safety Manual development is our specialty, and we can assist you in  becoming compliant with any of the COR or SECOR Partnerships in Western  Canada.

Safety Program Management
Many  organizations do not have the resources to hire a health and safety  professional.  Sometimes, the individual they assign to manage their  program does not have health and safety expertise. They may not know  where to begin or they become frustrated with their new duties. We can  help. Whether your company is large or small, we will help you maintain  and manage your existing health and safety program. 

Our services include but are not limited to:
 - Conducting/developing safety meeting minutes

 - Safety newsletters 
 - Carrying out monthly facility inspections
 - Develop and conduct equipment inspections
 - Carrying out informal/formal walk arounds and inspections
 - Developing or updating hazard assessments

 - Developing formal hazard assessments

 - Forms for types of inspections

 - Log book & pre-trip development
 - Developing or updating safe work practices and procedures

 - Orientation of new employees
 - Training workshops or meetings( WHIMIS, TDG, Hours Of Service)

 - Ensuring ongoing compliance and due diligence

 - Trends analysis reporting

You  may use our services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Contact us  and we can devise a customized program to meet your organizations needs.

Safety Audits – COR & SECOR
We are able to assist your company through each step of becoming COR/SECOR certified.
We  evaluate your safety program, implement solutions and prepare your  company for auditing. A health and safety audit is a comprehensive  review of an employer’s health and safety system.

ISNetworld®, Comply Works, Pics
Our  safety advisors will help you achieve 100% compliance with the third  party compliance agencies. We also provide assistance with ISNetworld®  RAVS® safety programs and yearly account maintenance.

Field Safety Advisors
We  provide on-site safety supervision for shutdowns, turnarounds, on-going  projects, and the management of internal safety programs. We have the  resources to be able to effectively provide site safety coordination.

We can help  with Compliance for Federal or Provincial Transportation  Regulations. Canada’s National Safety Code (NSC) for commercial vehicles  consists of 16 individual standards. These standards were first  introduced to Alberta carriers in 1988. We can create a program for your  company to cover all aspects of the National Safety Code. We can also  provide Hours Of Service training to help ensure your drivers are  following the proper legislation.

Safety & Audit Pre-Qualification
These  qualification processes can be difficult to understand, and time  consuming. we have worked with a number of clients to help pass these  qualification processes. Pre-Qualification tools support communication  between producers and contractors, which is key to maintaining strong,  respectful working relationships, injury-free worksites and business  continuity. They ensure basic requirements are maintained by everyone on  site before the work begins.

We  want our clients to  strive for safety excellence 100% of the time. To achieve this we bring  positive energy, dedication and experience into your workplace.